I have a selection of products that I highly recommend to help keep your best friend happy.

Please note: These items are currently only available to my clients and to keep costs down I will deliver them to you at class or bring them to our one-to-one sessions.

If you have any questions about any of these products, please don’t hesitate to contact me using the contact form here

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Dog Harnesses from £17.99

  • Easy fit dog harness, no lifting and putting the dogs legs through to fit in.
  • Undo the two side clips to fit, all clips fully tested.
  • Soft fleece fabric, no rubbing from the strong webbing.
  • Fully adjustable on both sides of the harness, non-slip adjusters.
  • Very comfortable for the dog, no pulling around the neck part.
  • Let the dog walk freely with the dog harness still on.
  • Machine washable.

The Front Chest Ring Option The front chest ring option is a D Ring that attaches to the chest part of the harness giving you two points of control. Recommended by dog trainers when training your dog. Can also be used to attach a dog name tag as well.

How to measure your dog:
All you need to do is measure around the chest part, just behind the front two legs, see measurements below for some indication.

Dog Harness, Size 0: 40-50 cm – £17.99
Dog Harness, Size 1: 45-55 cm – £18.99
Dog Harness, Size 2: 43-64 cm – £19.99
Dog Harness, Size 3: 49-70 cm – £20.99
Dog Harness, Size 4: 51-78 cm – £22.99
Dog Harness, Size 5: 62-85 cm – £24.99
Dog Harness, Size 6: 75-102 cm – £25.99
Dog Harness, Size 7: 90-125 cm – £27.99

Brilliant Salmon Oil 300ml – £8.00

Brilliant Salmon Oil is an unrefined and gently liberated product derived from salmon. The oil is produced for human consumption and is therefore of very high quality without any additives. The fresh taste of salmon will help increase your pet’s appetite. 

Brilliant Salmon Oil may also contribute to a shinier coat, softer paws and increased energy.

• 100% unrefined fresh Norwegian salmon oil
• 100% natural
• Easy and trouble-free dosage
• Fresh – for better taste
• No additives
• Natural antioxidants
• Natural levels of omega fatty acids
• Shiny coat
• Enhanced appetite
• Soft paws
• Increased energy

Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy £4.99 (RRP £12.99)
The UK’s No.1 Dog Training Book Paperback

Steve Mann has been a professional dog trainer and behaviourist for over 30 years. As founder of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, he’s helped transform the lives of over 100,000 dogs and their families.

Whether you’re living with a brand-new puppy, an adult dog or a rescue dog, his methods will give you everything you need to know. Using simple, proven, science-based and ethical techniques, He’ll show you how to have the best relationship with your pup, as well as teaching you how to get:

Super-fast recalls, great loose lead walking, perfect manners and much, MUCH more…

Pet Snuffle Mat 11″ x 16″ – £18.00

This Snuffle Mat is made using 100% Anti Pill Polar Fleece material, which is tied onto a durable rubber base.

A fantastic enrichment toy for pets that provides mental stimulation, boredom busting, energy-zapping and is also perfect for those pets who are on restricted exercise. Research suggests that just 15 minute’s of sniffing burns as many calories as an hour walk!

Simply hide a few tasty treats amongst the fleece and lay the mat on the floor for your pet to enjoy.

All handmade items are not indestructible so always supervise your pet.

26″ Tug Toy – £5.00

These Tug Toys are made with 100% Anti Pill Polar Fleece material which makes them perfect for all breeds and ages. Your dog can have lots of fun without damaging their teeth or gums.

Dogs love a good game of tug and love playing interactive games with us. The more fun they have, the more likely it is that they’ll choose to come back to us when being called.

Other benefits of playing tug;
Playing tug will give your dog a great mental and physical workout.
Tug strengthens your bond with your dog.
Easy way to reinforce obedience basics.
Redirects destructive chewing.
Tug helps build a dogs confidence. (especially if you let him win).

Creates a useful distraction when working on learning other behaviours.

Remember to only tug from side to side. Pulling up on the tug can injure your dog’s spine.

These Tug Toys are all handmade and aren’t indestructible.

Always supervise your pet during play, and remove the item if it becomes damaged to avoid choking.

Please note: These items are currently only available to my clients and
to keep costs down I will deliver them to you at class or bring them to our one-to-one sessions.