As a progression from the foundation or Level 1 this class is open to any dogs over 5 months old.

We will work on developing the skills learnt already as well as introducing new behaviours.

So we would look at asking the dogs to sit at a distance or settle on a bed while there are distractions around. We will teach the dogs how to greet politely, both dogs and people. New behaviours such as hand targets and clicker training will open up new training possibilities for you and your dog and we can use these skills when we start to look at more precision training such as distance control and platform work. We will also keep developing recall and loose lead walking and much more.

In order to get the most from the class, you must be able to get your dog to offer basic behaviors such as sit, down, and wait with other dogs and people present in a class environment in order to be able to progress onto the Level 2.

If you aren’t quite at that level yet, don’t worry, just keep practicing and join a class when you are ready.

Puppy Improvers Classes

When attended our classes please bring the following items with you:

Standard lead (not extendable)

Normal standard collar

A well fitted harness – I usually have some in stock to purchase

Some form of bed/mat for your dog to lie on

A variety of training treats (these will be available to buy if you run out) and a couple of toys

Please read our Terms & Conditions before making your booking.