The Puppy Foundation Classes

If you are looking for a training class for your puppy then look no further. We offer a foundation class that looks at basic puppy training whilst teaching your puppy to focus on you with other people and dogs around. It is a safe environment where your puppies can build their bond with you and where you can develop your skills to teach your puppy how to be a well-balanced and well-behaved member of your family. All our training is using positive reinforcement and reward-based training which is the most up-to-date way to work with dogs.

All classes are limited to 5 dogs to ensure I can help you during the class if needed. Please go to our booking page to book a place or read on to see more details about the classes we offer.

What is covered?
Basic socialisation
Polite greetings
Introducing new things

And much more…

Puppy home visits

Looking for private training? Can’t make classes?

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Please read our Terms & Conditions before making your booking.