We offer a range of one-to-one options to suit your situation.

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Perhaps your puppy or dog finds group training too much?

Or maybe your dog is reactive and you need some help?

Maybe you are struggling with excessive barking, your dog pulling when out on walks, recall, jumping up, or other issues at home or out and about.

No matter what the reason, book a private training session and I will come out to you and help you work on a solution for you and your dog.

The first session will take place in your home where we will discuss the issues you have and make a start on improving the situation.

You will then be given time to work on this and then you can book as many follow-up sessions as you need to continue your training.

Puppy Home Visits – for puppies up to 6 months old

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Want to get off to the best start with your puppy? Not had a puppy before? Or just feeling very overwhelmed with all the information that is out there?

Whatever the reason you can book puppy home visits as and when you need them to tackle any issue you are struggling with. You can even book a visit before you have got a puppy to help you choose which breed is right for you, how to avoid puppy farms etc, and make sure you are prepared and have the best set up for when your new arrival comes home.

Puppies are hard work. They are demanding, they will push your patience to the limit, they will bite you when they are tired, overexcited, teething or just want to play, they will wee and poo on your floor when you don’t get there in time, they will wake you up in the night because they need some reassurance but essentially, they are babies are there are loads of things we can do to help them succeed and ensure we stay sane. It takes time to teach them how we would like them to behave in our world and I can help you to achieve that in a way that is effective, ethical and fun.

It is far better to invest time and money at the beginning and prevent problems from starting than it is to tackle them months or years down the line when issues are far more deeply rooted. Common issues that people often need help with are toilet training, puppy biting, settling and jumping up. Often owners are just struggling to wade through often conflicting advice and know what is best and having one experienced and trained person to listen to will immediately reduce your stress levels. I very often find that owners are more or less on the right track already but a bit of reassurance that you are in fact doing the right thing can really help.

So don’t struggle, book a puppy home visit below and together we can help you get off to the best start.

Training Sessions – Dogs over 6 months old

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If you are having trouble with issues such as loose lead walking, jumping up, recall or focus around distractions and don’t know how to get improvements then look no further. Training sessions are a great way to understand and then implement methods that will help you to change these problems.

All the methods I use and teach you are based on modern, science-based techniques that do not cause suffering or unnecessary stress to your dog. There will be no collar jerking, choke chains or other nasties that use outdated and cruel techniques.

The first session will take place in your home where we will discuss the issues you have and make a start on improving the situation. You will then be given time to work on this and then you can book as many follow-up sessions with us as you need to continue your training. These will last one hour and may take place in your home or out somewhere depending on what you would like to work on.

After each session, you will receive comprehensive notes and support via Whatsapp in between if you book a training package.

If the issues you are having cannot be sorted through training, for example, if your dog is anxious or reactive around other dogs or people, training them to sit will not solve this, then please get in contact via the contact form or email so that we can discuss behavioural modification programmes.

Please do get in contact if you are unsure what you need to book and I would be happy to advise.

I also offer training packages that include an initial session and four follow-up sessions which work out a little bit cheaper than booking individually but it also helps to keep you motivated to stay on track with practising and training if the next session is booked in. We all know that life has a habit of getting in the way sometimes and whatever the problem the sooner you work on it the better. If you would like some more information on these then please get in touch via the contact form.

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